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Holiday spending money in pounds, euros, us dollars, australian dollars at the best rates today. Buy holiday spending money online by loading a prepaid travel money cash card in euros, pounds, us dollars and australian dollars

Holiday Company Merchant Services Pounds Euros and Dollars

Most holiday companies use online merchant services to receive funds from their clients.

If you are a holiday letting company, travel agent or private holiday property owner, then the above is likely to apply to you too.

Dealing with international payment processing and merchant services can sometimes seem like a lot of hard work and very time consuming. This is why we have created an online tool for you. Its a low-risk facility, with hassle-free implementation and no hidden fees!

We do NOT charge you a monthly fee for this service.

Why choose Holiday Money Cards to process your online payments?

  • Your clients can make payments to you simply by using their bank card ( debit, or credit)
  • Neither you, nor your client will be charged transfer fees or commission
  • Your client will receive email confirmation of their payment to you
  • We take care of the foreign exchange transaction and will deposit the funds into your bank, in your chosen currency – no hidden fees!
  • Our exchange rates are preferential to any bank and most other internet merchant service providers
  • Our service includes sending email reminders to your clients, at agreed intervals, until their full holiday balance is paid (thus saving you valuable administration time)

If you like the sound of the above and want to be be in control of your payment system and be able to offer your clients flexible payment options, then visit our main site here to find out more…

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Holiday Spending Money online

There’s a new way to pay for your holiday property online. Use Holiday Money cards to pay your booking agent with a card, or make a bank transfer online. No need to walk to your bank and then pay extortionate fees to make a small currency exchange and bank transfer.

Just register online in 2 minutes, and then pay for your holiday property, direct to the booking company.

The best news is that, once you’ve registered with Holiday Money Cards, you are entitled to a currency card. These are currently available as euro travel cards, US Dollar travel cards or Pounds Sterling Cards.

You can then buy your holiday spending money online, just by loading your new prepaid debit card with dollars, euros, or pounds sterling. If you’re saving for your holiday spending money, what better way to do it? Just sell pounds and buy euros or dollars when it suits you and keep adding a bit more spending money to your new currency travel card.


Q. How do I get the most out of my Holiday Money?

A. Carry a Prepaid Currency Card!!

If you use any old credit card when you’re abroad, you’ll almost certainly be charged foreign usage fees and get a terrible rate of exchange. However, there are some cards specifically designed for overseas use. These are called PREPAID CURRENCY CARDS and ensure you get a better deal on your holiday spending money. There are a number of other advantages you will benefit from including;

  • They are Chip & PIN protected so your holiday spending money is SECURE
  • Your money is SAFE as the card can be blocked if it gets lost or stolen
  • You will get the best exchange rates possible CHEAPER than any high street retailer or bureau de change
  • If you load Ā£200 or more you will GET YOUR CARD FOR FREE
  • Your holiday spending is made EASY – the cards are accepted in millions of ATM’s, Shops and Restaurants – wherever the MasterCardĀ® acceptance mark is displayed
  • No credit checks required, YOU WILL QUALIFY if you are a UK resident, over 18 yrs old