Why Use Our Payment Service

How we work with Travel Agents, Private Overseas Property Owners and Holiday Letting Agencies.

Holiday Money Cards provide:

  • A seamless ‘Holiday Property’ payment solution, where clients need to exchange currency and make bank transfers overseas for a holiday property booking
  • Prepaid Euro, US Dollar and Pound Sterling debit cards

You do not get charged for this service. You can earn commission instead.

We work globally. Our core business has always been currency exchange. We now offer prepaid currency cards in Euros, US Dollars and Pounds Sterling.

We have a small team of experts who’s main function is to manage a smooth entry into our online currency payment system – for travel agents, property owners and holiday letting companies.

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    I’m interested in discussing how my business can benefit from offering your payment collection & currency exchange service for my holiday letting clients. I understand that my company will not be charged for this service. Please contact me.

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How the system works:

  1. We set the agencies up with an affiliate code
  2. That affiliate code is carried from links on the agent’s own site, to the log in page on www.holidaymoneycards.com
  3. The clients will see the AGENT’S LOGO and NAME, together with a registration form
  4. The client registers to pay either a deposit or the full amount. The client can then make payments online, using their credit card or debit card, in their “local currency”
  5. We receive the payment – link the client to the relevant agent – then send an email to both the client and agent to confirm that payment has been made/received
  6. As soon as we receive the funds from our merchant services, we send it to the agent in their chosen currency. This is deposited into the bank account they have specified as their receiving account, together with a booking reference number
  7. If the client pays a deposit only, our system will record the full amount due and the date by which it is due
  8. The client will then get several email reminders to pay, on specified dates leading up to the due date. Every time a reminder is sent, it will show the balance due. The agent will also receive a copy of the message, so they can see how much is still due from that booking
  9. Our records are altered every time the client makes a payment, until they have paid the full amount. As soon as they have paid the full balance, we cease sending reminders

Nobody does this for nothing:

We earn a small amount on every booking payment out of the currency exchange. In return we manage the whole system, give the client a commercial rate of exchange and don’t charge commission or transfer fees. The amount that we take from the currency exchange is less than the amount that a bank would charge the client, so all clients will SAVE MONEY by using us.

You do not get charged for using our service.

You also earn a share of what we earn on the exchange of currency.

You will have access to view your deals at all times. Commission is paid monthly.

Commission is paid in your currency of choice.


For Clients looking to pay for holiday accommodation:

Your Holiday Letting Agent, or private Property Owner, will have directed you to this site to make a payment to them for your holiday property.

We have provided a simple way to avoid going to your bank each time you need to make a foreign currency payment.

Our online registration takes just a couple of minutes and you can make a payment easily with your debit, or credit, card.

We then convert that amount into the currency that the agent requires, and we send it to them on your behalf.

  • No commission
  • No transfer fees
  • No fuss !

We even remind you when any balance is due to be paid and, as you are already registered with us, you can simply make another payment online.

It couldn’t be easier.

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